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Cooking delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated!

At our hands on cooking classes we simplify and breakdown the preparation of mouthwatering home cooked meals. Our goal is to teach students of any level of experience to make food that they will be able to recreate for friends and family. Similar to the style of food served at OpenKitchen, the food we teach students to make in class is straightforward, fresh, and packed with flavor.

During the class, students are encouraged to ask questions and take notes on the recipe packets provided to them. After the class, the group sits together to enjoy the food they learned to make along with a glass of hand picked wine.

We enjoy sharing our Open Kitchen with students and love to teach them how to make a homemade meal. If you have not attended a class, we would love having you. If you have been to a class before, we can’t wait for the next time.

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Written by j0an in Cooking Classes at 08.04.2014